Lenten Devotional- Day 14

Tuesday, March 3

 Hebrews 12:2a   …looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross…

Jesus’ Journey from the Manger to the Cross

The Lenten Days are such an appropriate time to ponder all the real meaning of the celebrations that we have just been enjoying at Christmas. Now that all the decorations and packaging have been put away or discarded, we can begin to think about the true significance of the birth of this baby, the Christ.  This wonderful gift God has given to the world began His trip to the Cross on Calvary on the night of His birth. During the 33 years of preparation and ministry, Jesus was on His journey to the Cross, a journey filled with rejection and misunderstanding, but a journey He willing took to show us just how much He loves us.

 Now, during the quiet of Lent, we have an opportunity to deepen our understanding of what the purpose of Jesus’ birth and all that He endured – what this means for each of us who have been given this most precious gift, which is not like those that we saw under the Christmas tree which soon become commonplace or forgotten. This gift we have been given is to be newly opened each and every morning, fresh with God’s love and mercy to bring us through every day of our lives until He brings us home to be with Him eternally. A gift that never becomes old or needs replacing, nor can it ever be equaled.

 As we meditate during Lent, I pray that each year we will become more aware and thankful for the meaningful journey Christ has made to the Cross for each of us – the journey from the manger to the Cross, the journey that has given us the assurance that we will never be separated from our Lord for all eternity. How this gift inspires us to love and serve Him in return! There is no better time to search our hearts and to be sure we are ready to receive Our Lord.

Sandy Checchi

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, Grant each one of us the grace to praise our savior Jesus Christ and to accept the honor of serving Him. He is our Lord now and forever.