Lenten Devotional- Day 16

Thursday, March 5

Galatians 6:2 Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Young Mom in the Grocery Line

God meets me every day in new and wonderful ways. Recently, I was at Harris Teeter, waiting to pay for groceries in my overflowing cart. I was buying food to feed nine people for a week, several with special diets. I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by too many responsibilities, trying to assist my son applying for college and scholarships, getting a kid to piano lessons, math class, sports activities, and having company. I was exhausted and wanted a break. There was a small window of time to get groceries before I had to pick someone up.

As I stood in line, I noticed the mom in front of me with two young boys. It was not long ago that my teenagers were the age of her sons. They were precious. One was about 8, and he started making loud noises. He became so disruptive screeching and yelling that everyone in the store stared at him. Then people glared at the mom.

“Why would she let him behave like that?”Many people began to snarl at the mom thinking, “She needs to do something about him!”

The mom looked calm, yet was concerned because she didn’t have enough cash to pay her bill.  She quietly said to the clerk, “I need to get some more cash from the ATM right there….Can I get money and then finish paying?” The clerk said, “Of course.” I was next in line and assured her I was not in a hurry. I decided not to be in a hurry. I could be late.

Next the mother tried to grab her son’s hand, so he could walk with her to the nearby ATM, as he obviously couldn’t stay by himself.  As she grabbed his hand, he flung himself to the floor, screaming and kicking. The older brother quietly and swiftly scooped his brother up from behind, because the mother was unable to do so.

After witnessing this I began to pray. “God thank you for this mother who is willing to bring a challenged child into public to remind us about you.” I knew God was there with this mom and her child every day. The public may not always have the chance to witness the difficult times they endure. It made my challenges seem insignificant. I admired her for bringing him into the store. I felt grateful for the glimpse of this woman’s life at Harris Teeter and to know that God is there for us.

                                                                             Mary Seymour

Prayer: Lord, I pray that this mom knows your love and knows you can give her strength to get through each day. By her quiet, calm, response to the situation, I can’t help but think she knows you are with her. Lord, I want to thank her for reminding me about your love. We know you have plans for each one of us, and your love will help us get through difficult times.