Lenten Devotional- Day 2

Thursday, February 19

John 6:9 There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish. But what are they among so many people?

What’s in Your Basket?

The boy offered what he had in his basket. Jesus used that to feed the five thousand “as much as they wanted.” And the leftover fragments filled twelve baskets.

We all have a basket. That is, we all have something to offer. For some, it may be money; for others, it may be a special talent such as teaching or music; for still others, it may be something as simple as a kind word, a hand shake or a hug.

In today’s world, the problems seem overwhelming: persecution of Christians in many areas; wars, fighting and terrorism; Ebola, malaria and other diseases; hunger, yes, even here in America. So overwhelming… that what we have to offer won’t make a dent. So, why should we try?

Remember the little boy. He didn’t realize that what he had to offer would feed that many people. But, he offered it to Jesus, and Jesus made it happen. When we offer what we have to Jesus, we, like the little boy may never know what the full impact will be. The important thing is that we offer what we have in faith.

Bill George

Prayer: Lord, give us faith to offer what we have in Jesus’ name and confidence to know that what we offer will make an impact that we may never fully realize.