Friday, March 20

Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Walking along Life’s Pathway

Nature to me is like walking along life’s pathway holding God’s hand. You are in touch with the essence of heaven. Along this pathway you may find hints of our everlasting home. Mother Earth is radiantly alive with God’s presence. When I was in the Holy Land last March, I never felt the presence of God more than sailing on the Sea of Galilee. The sun peeking through the clouds, sending its shimmering rays across the Sea gave me the sense of Peace and Joy; certainly the feelings that our heavenly home will give us when we reach the end of our path of life’s journey.

Everyday my heart awakens with God’s never ending touch. It may be sitting on my deck listening to the birds sing their songs, watching the glorious spring flowers as they erupt from the cold winter ground, seeing the trees blow softly in the warm breeze, their limbs outstretched reaching for the heavens; or watching the billowing white clouds float freely across the skies; the stillness of a winter snow, the smell of fresh mowed grass. It all awakens my senses of the presence of our Heavenly Father. The hymn, For the Beauty of the Earth has a perfect verse. “For the joy of ear and eye, for the heart and mind’s delight, for the mystic harmony linking sense to sound and sight.”

As we travel through life’s pathway, keep your eyes and ears open. Listen for God speaking to you with soothing words of peace. See his touch in everyday life. At the end, the best part of your life lies ahead. Heaven will be awaiting your arrival. The Apostles Creed teaches us, “God the Father Almighty maker of heaven and earth; that Jesus was crucified, dead and buried the third day he rose from the dead he ascended into heaven.” Thanks be to God for sending his only son. He has risen, giving us all hope for eternal life.

                                                             Deb Reynolds

Prayer: Father God, thank you for the beauty of our Earth. During this time of Lent, please teach us to be reflective of the gifts you have given each of us. May we listen and hear your voice speaking to us. Amen.