Lenten Devotional- Day 4

Saturday, February 21

Philippians 1:3 I thank my God every time I remember you.

A Legacy of Love

God’s first gift to me was my beloved mother. She not only was my mother, but my friend, my confidant, my rock as well as my soft place to fall. She was devoted to her family and loved by everyone who knew her. To be blessed with a loving mother like mine was a treasure beyond measure.

Mother’s love for my father spanned 71 years. After he was injured in World War II, she traveled to visit him in various hospitals along the East Coast for 18 months. She served as the bookkeeper for his business until retirement. And when he became ill in his elder years, Mother appointed herself as his caregiver until the end of his life.

Mother’s love for her family was felt each and every day. Since she could make her own hours as bookkeeper, she was home every afternoon when my brother and I arrived home from school. She attended every important event in our lives.  When my babies were born, Mother was on the next plane from Pennsylvania to Virginia to help with our care. As my daughters grew, Mother and Dad drove to Virginia to attend every birthday celebration and milestone in their lives despite living 325 miles away! Mother and Dad called the girls every Sunday and always ended by telling them, “I love you”.

Mother was a gentle, kind woman with a warm-hearted disposition. She had a welcoming nature that endeared her in the hearts of all who entered her home. Ours was the house where everyone hung out.  Dad sponsored a Little League baseball team and on game days the guys from out of town would spend the entire day at our house.  To this day, former players still called her “Mom” as they recall the happy times spent in her care.

The last two years Mother was not well and I traveled to Pennsylvania as much as possible to spend time with her. As in earlier years, all of the people who met her commented on what a lovely lady she was and how much they loved her. Sadly, she passed away in September at age 94.  Gratefully, God answered my prayer by allowing me to be with Mother the last five days as she prepared for her passing. I thank Him every day for the gift of my wonderful mother and the legacy of love she has spread throughout her family and community. The world is a better place because she was part of it.  She truly was “A Life Well Lived.”

Lynnette Wilk


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the love you have brought into the world through your Son, Jesus.  We thank you for the caring people who surround us each day as they spread love to us and others in many ways.