Lenten Devotional- Day 6

Monday, February 23

John 12:25-26 Those who love their life lose it, and those who hate their life in this world will keep it for eternal life. Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there will my servant be also Whoever serves me, the Father will honor

Who Will You Invite?

I keep a mental ongoing list of words that I think all believers should have in their vocabulary. I’ve recently been focusing on one of them… The word is invite. Invite can mean to ask or request, among other verbs. Except when it’s the shortened version of the word invitation – invite is a verb. It’s something that one does. Being a Christian includes inviting others into our midst. Being a Christian includes inviting others to know Christ. Being a Christian includes inviting others to fully accept the grace that God has already provided to all. Like many other words we use in our Christian vocabulary, we must take action!

Would you go to a birthday party without being invited? Would you go to a wedding without being invited? Would you form a relationship with someone if no one ever invited you to get to know that person? The answer to all these is simple, no.

In this great year of 2015 we know for a fact that most people do not come to a church because they feel they should. Most come because they are invited. Who is missing from the Aldersgate congregation? Who can we invite? This Lent I urge you to ask God to show you who you can invite to church. Like many things in the life of a believer, this may not be easy for you. However, God is with you, so you are not doing this alone. Even Jesus invited others – he asked them to follow him – and they did, and so have you. Now who will you invite?

Rachel Miller

Prayer: Lord God, please open my eyes and heart to see who does not know you yet and guide me as I invite them to church and into a relationship with you. Amen.