The City

What is the City?

The City is our online community tool for everything Aldersgate every day. As a City User you will be able to:

  • Join and communicate with groups
  • RSVP to events
  • Volunteer for service opportunities
  • Share prayer concerns
  • Grow as disciples
  • Give online

How do I join The City?

To join The City click HERE. After you enter your information, an email will be sent to you a link to create your City account. It is a quick and easy process. Please be sure to use an email that you check on a regular basis.

How do I get started on The City?

Once you have created your City account, follow these steps to get started:

  • Complete your profile, including uploading a profile picture and defining your skills.
  • Search for and join the groups you are involved with or would like to be a part of.
  • Each group has its own notification settings. To set your notification follow these steps.
  • Search for and Download The City App to your phone to interact with The City on the go. Available for Android and iOS smart phones.

Get involved! Join discussions, RSVP to upcoming events. volunteers for service opportunity needs, post topics, give online.

For questions email the IT Director, Ashley Thornton at