Wednesday, December 24, 2014


God does great things that we cannot comprehend. For to the snow he says, ‘Fall on the earth’; and the shower of rain, his heavy shower of rain, serves as a sign on everyone’s hand, so that all whom he has made may know it. Job 37:5b-6

When I was a teenager in the early 1950s, I attended Bethlehem Methodist Church in Roseland, Virginia, not far from Lovingston. It is still a small town today; besides the homes there are the church, the parsonage, a funeral home and a nursing home. It was a small, rural community, but it was a wonderful place in which to grow up.

I remember one particular Christmas. The Sunday before Christmas Eve there was a vesper service, a service of carols. We did not have much in our church. We did not have an organ, only a piano. There was no fancy sheet music, just the songs…what today might be called “old-fashioned” carols… in the everyday hymnal from which to choose. There was no trained choir director, just the minister’s wife who chose the carols and planned the event.

What we did have was a tremendous, large youth group. I remember the pleasure we teens had practicing together; we poured out our hearts into that music. I remember the great adult support given to us. Most of all I remember that service. It was a cold but clear day. We entered church about 4:30 in the afternoon with the soft light of the late afternoon sun shining down on us. We sang our hearts out to the Lord for those gathered in the pews.

We came out of church about 7:00 in the evening. The sun had set and it should have been dark. Instead, we were surprised: it had snowed while we were inside and instead of darkness, we exited into a beautiful glistening world, white with the pureness of new snow. It was a Christmas gift from God.

Linda Tyree

Prayer: Creator God of snow and rain, Thank you for the beauty of this world. Amen.