Monday, March 30

Psalm 97:1 The lord reigns; let the earth rejoice.

Notice the Pansies

You’ve seen them, those lovely colorful flowers that appear in early spring to welcome warmer weather. The pansy, a hybrid flower that comes in more than 500 varieties, is familiar to most gardeners. Pansies are easy to grow and survive in almost any type of soil, as long as they have plenty of sun. Their most astonishing attribute, however, is their ability to bloom in harsh conditions. Near the front door of my office building, there are two flower beds with beautiful, multi-colored pansies. The bright yellow and deep purple blossoms are almost always beaming at me when I enter, no matter the weather. They greet me on cool spring mornings, on warm autumn afternoons, and on wintry days. Yes, I’ve seen these pansies shining their beacon of gladness by popping up from under several inches of snow! Each time I pass by, I thank God for the simple beauty of these flowers. Each time I see them, I smile inside.

The resilience of pansies is impressive. They seem to have an inner resolve to meet tough situations with undaunted confidence, as if they understand that their colorful appearance has an amazing capacity to uplift whoever happens to see them. Pansies are courageous in the face of adversity and steadfast in their desire to promote cheerfulness.

Often in my life, I have watched someone else manage challenge with an unwavering positive attitude. Like pansies, the resilience of this person has impressed me, and I have benefited by watching the strength of this individual in action. In fact, we all know people who are just like pansies. Look around you in church on any given Sunday, and you will find them. Get to know more people in our church, and you will discover even more of these beautiful flowers. They are among us, lifting our spirits with their smiles, kind words, and hugs, no matter what struggles they may be facing.

The term pansy is derived from the French word pensee’, which means thought. In the late Middle English period, pansy was used in reference to violets, and the flower came to symbolize remembrance. The next time you see a pansy, I hope you remember to think about the “human pansies” among us.

Melissa King

Prayer: Dear Lord, I am uplifted by pansies who remind us to be strong and cheerful, and hope you will help me be more like these amazing flowers. Amen.