Saturday, April 4

Luke 11: 1 John was praying in a certain place, and when he ceased, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

The Power of Prayer

I recently had surgery for cancer. It was a difficult operation, and the first day in the hospital I felt awful. I wondered if I would ever get well again. By my side, my wife Melissa was praying for me. She said there were many others in church and our extended family praying for me, too. I was comforted knowing that, but not totally convinced how it could help heal my sore body.

Two weeks later I was outside walking a mile, and by three weeks I was back at work. How could that be? Then it occurred to me that it was the power of prayer. Not just one prayer. It was the multiplication of many prayers.

If you have to solve a problem, it’s generally true that two heads are better than one. But imagine having 2000. I run the Solar Decathlon, a competition that challenges 20 university teams to design and build a modern, fully sustainable house that can produce all its own energy. That’s a huge challenge, and it takes a motivated team to do it. Universities recruit 40 to 100 students and faculty to form a team, and some teams include more than 100. That’s a lot of brain power! Now consider that 19 other universities are doing the same thing, and the power is multiplied. During each competition, more than 2000 students and faculty focus on this task. Solutions are impressive. The creativity is inspiring. The design variety is amazing. The R&D is noteworthy and tangible. That’s the power of many people working together to multiply the brain power.

Now I understand that God works the same way. Prayers are multiplied, too. The more prayers linked together, the stronger they become, and the power of prayer is multiplied. I am convinced that’s what healed me so fast. The next time you are asked to pray for someone, join in, and ask for more. Miracles happen that way.

Richard King


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for showing me how to believe in the power of prayer, so I can pass it on. Amen