Wednesday, December 2, 2015 

Listen to instruction, and be wise; don’t avoid it. Proverbs 8:33 

There was a time when my wife MaryAnne and I had four children at home and Christmas Eve was a time of putting toys under the tree. And as most of you know, toys never come preassembled. I would find myself at 11:00 or 11:30 at night starting to empty boxes that appeared to have a thousand little pieces that would all come together to form the toy, which was on the front of the box. But despite the fact that there were all those pieces, what looked even more impossible were the set of directions. Attach part A2 to C3 and then insert bolt 5D with washer and hex nut! You know what I am saying: the directions were just impossible – so I would just put it together without instructions. Sometimes it all worked out great but most of the times there were parts leftover or certain parts that were supposed to work but did not. And then I would have to start over and, if all else failed, read the directions.

Well, life is the same way! God has supplied us with an instruction book: The Holy Bible. And not only does it offer instruction but it also offers us a way to know who God is and how to know him on a personal level. But so many times, just like with the toys on Christmas Eve, we set the instructions aside and try to live life without the manual. Advent is a great time though to pick up God’s Word and listen to the wisdom. It is a great time to spend time in the Word and be devoted to being instructed; listening to God and growing in your faith.

-Mike Thornton 

Prayer: Heavenly Father, So many times in my life I have just torn open the box of life and started putting things together based on my own knowledge. I have just thrown the instructions aside. Help me, Father, to be willing to listen to instructions, to hear wisdom, and spend time in your wonderful presence. Amen.

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