Saturday, December 12. 2015 

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Romans 8:38-39 

The woman was sick. Really sick, and so very tired of having fought this disease for over twenty years. It seemed as though everything she could possibly live without had been removed, and after each snipping session, an unpleasant series of treatments, followed by a long, painful recovery. In a few weeks or months the dreaded disease reappeared and the whole process repeated itself.

During this time the woman comforted herself with a line from one of her favorite hymns. The words were “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.” Strength to get her through one more day of suffering, and bright hope that tomorrow there would be a cure, but that was not to be.

There came a time when her doctors told her there was nothing more to be done. They numbered her days and told her how they would play out. With this, a great peace descended on the woman, and she understood the true meaning of those comforting words by which she had tried to live.

The strength for today has nothing to do with physical strength, but the courage and grace to live each of her remaining days to their fullest; to be, if possible, an inspiration for those facing a similar future, and a good witness to her God’s love. “Bright hope for tomorrow” does not mean a cure. For her, the cure is already in sight. Neither does it refer to what might happen the day after today, but for all the bright tomorrows, pain free, strong and healthy, of an eternity spent in Paradise with her Creator. With my Creator, for I am that woman.

-Sharon Simons 

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for holding me close to you, for the strength and the hope that you have given me, for the friends you have sent to support me, and for making my last days the best ones of my life. Amen.