Thursday, December 17, 2015 

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Matthew 21:22  

Sharon and Leland are two very special people whom I met through Aldersgate’s Fellowship of Friends and have come to love. Sharon is very ill, and Leland’s health is also declining, but their faith is strong.

When Sharon and Leland moved to Charlottesville to be close to family, they knew this would mean many changes in their lives. They accepted them with grace and a positive attitude; but something was missing – the pleasure of feeding and watching their friends, the birds. Their apartment is on the top floor of Our Lady of Peace so having a bird feeder wasn’t possible, or so it seemed. Then the staff of Our Lady of Peace arrived one day with a surprise – a bird feeder which was promptly attached to the living room window. Looking out that window, I saw tree tops. There sure weren’t any birds in sight, and I wondered how successful this project would be. But Sharon and Leland were excited so we all hoped for the best.

Many days passed, then weeks; but there were no birds. Sharon and Leland kept watch and prayed. As Sharon’s health worsened, it was hard to see the still-empty feeder day after day. Sharon wrote in her daily devotional book “No birds today, Lord; maybe tomorrow” or “Lord, I’m still waiting for that first bird,” but she never doubted that He would send them. Then one day a chickadee showed up, then a few more, then some finches and a sparrow. There’s also a regular customer who comes to the feeder and just hangs out. God sent many birds flocking to Sharon and Leland’s treetop feeder which should not have surprised us. As the Bible tells us – faith can move mountains. And it also brings birds and much joy!

-Pat Daniel 

Prayer: Father, Thank you for your constant love and for hearing our prayers. Help us to remember that you know all of our needs and hopes, even before we ask, and that all of our blessings come from you. Amen.