Monday, December 21, 2015 

“for we have seen His star in the East, and have come to worship Him.” Matthew 2:2 

Two years ago, I was content in a sweet, simple life, filled with love for God and others. Things were easier than ever, and seemed so fulfilling, I was sure this would be my life until I aged beyond function. Little did I suspect that God had other ideas.

One night, deep in prayer, I was given a vision, unfolding in my head like a movie, showing me changes God wanted me to make. Changes??!! I was taken completely by surprise. I would have dismissed the vision as absurd, but ironically, I’d been working hard to develop spiritually. A now-familiar voice deep inside me assured me this vision was indeed the way for me.

Thus, a new guiding star shone bright above me, never clouded or blotted out by the doubts and disillusionments that could rise up like mighty giants to dissuade me. Whenever I questioned where I was going, what I was doing on this strange journey, I was reminded to look up, to continue on, guided by that vision, that star. There have been many changes since then. Life is more complex and more challenging. But the rewards and, more importantly, the extraordinary deepening of my faith have proved worthwhile. Now, as we enter the Advent season, I reflect on similarities between my vision journey and that of the Wise Kings. How long and arduous their journey must have been! How agonizingly they might have questioned their vision along the way! Yet their star must have nudged them along, for they reached their life-changing goal. And then, despite the lowliness of setting, they fell to their knees in recognition, awe, and delight far beyond their best predictions. So it can be for me as I continue on, and for each and all who choose to follow the visions that shine before them.

-Hansie Haier 

Prayer: Abba Father, Thank you for the roles you give us in your will, and for the bright hope and guidance you afford us along the way. Amen.