A new word about sanctuary seating:  We now have access to 10 rows that have been taped off the last two years!  We are still keeping some rows taped off in the back of all 4 sections for those who prefer having extra space.

And we still have two sections for people who want to wear masks and sit near others who are also wearing masks.

Why might we choose to wear our masks and/or sit with extra space around us?  Maybe you were on a crowded plane in the last few days.  Or maybe you’re about to visit your parent or friend who has health vulnerabilities.  Or maybe you have surgery scheduled in the next week and you don’t want to risk getting sick and having it postponed.  Or maybe you have a family member who is too young to be vaccinated.  Or maybe you work in a job where you are regularly in close contact with lots of people…

Thank you for continuing to be thoughtful of your own circumstances and of others.