Nursery Care Assistants

Submit your resume to Pastor Julie Nitzsche at


  • 8:30 to 12:30 on scheduled Sundays, covering 9am and 11am Worship services and 10am Sunday school (to ensure safety and compliance with the AUMC Child Safety Policy, unless a special situation arises, we ask that nursery staff take no more than a 5-minute break for bathroom and/or to obtain food and beverage from Sip & Chat) 
  • There may be additional opportunities for childcare to be offered during bible study and special worship services. 



  • Maintain a safe and clean environment for infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. This includes following any cleaning schedule set by Nursery Coordinator to ensure safety and health of all children and staff 
  • Comply with established childcare safety guidelines 
  • Provide feedback to parents regarding child’s behavior, as needed. Strive to be positive. 
  • Change dirty diapers immediately and/or help child who is potty-trained  
  • Communicate facility matters and unusual circumstances to Nursery Coordinator 
  • Use positive discipline techniques with children making sure to re-direct children who are engaged in any conflict (never use corporal punishment) 
  • Seek verbal permission from parent before taking child to the playground, apply sunscreen if parent supplies and gives verbal permission. AUMC Nursery does not provide sunscreen. 
  • Maintain a child-friendly, Christian environment 
  • Constantly supervise all children in your care 
  • Provide small snack if/when needed. Unless otherwise instructed or provided snacks by parent, please provide water and snacks that are available in the snack cabinet in the nursery. No child will be denied water for any reason. 
  • Implement bible teaching/ story time with older toddlers and preschoolers as appropriate.



  • Provide a safe, warm, healthy and friendly environment for infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers 
  • Establish and build caring relationships with families 
  • Encourage families, realizing that each family will raise their children as they best see fit 
  • Comply with child safety guidelines 
  • Consistently obtain parents’ signature on drop off and pickup, ensuring a cell phone number is provided in case of emergency 


Special Qualifications 

  • Experience with young children and the use of positive discipline techniques 
  • Model positive, uplifting Christian behavior to all children, families, and fellow staff 
  • First Aid/CPR certified (must be kept up to date, this is the responsibility of each nursery employee)  
  • Clear background check (AUMC will provide the form and file the papers) 
  • Completion of Aldersgate UMC’s Child Safety class when available