Youth ministry at Aldersgate is about Christian discipleship.  The good news of life with Jesus Christ is at the center of all that we do.  Our goal is to help teenagers connect to God through Jesus Christ, develop a life-long faith by growing together, and discover the ways that God is calling them to serve others in love.  We believe that God calls teenagers to find belonging to God’s self through the church and we welcome all teenagers to come and be a part of the church.  For more information about Youth Ministry, please contact Pastor Julie.


We gather on Sunday evenings at 5:30pm for YouthGathering. This is set apart for Middle School and High School students to share life, enjoy large group activities and games and learn together in small group bible study. We believe in the value of gathering around table, and so this usually includes dinner or snacks as well. See our summer calendar here: https://www.cvaumc.org/youth-ministry-schedule. Some of our past ministry opportunities have included Tie Dye Night, Serving dinners for the homeless, studying “Hard Questions About God and Faith”, hiking and firepit fellowship and lots more!

Growing in Faith Together

Throughout the year, youth are invited to participate in a variety of small groups, focused on going deeper in faith by learning from the bible and learning about self. Some small groups are based on Middle School/High School and some are Guys Group or Girls Group. For more info about small groups coming this fall, contact Pastor Julie.

Serving others in God’s love

Youth serve in a variety of ways throughout the year. Some youth serve by leading in our praise band. Some serve in communications and Audio Visual support. Some serve by helping lead children’s ministry. We believe that God has a purpose and a calling for all youth and look forward to helping youth find their passion for serving God.

Mission Week

We encourage youth to serve others in God’s love all the time, but we especially enjoy this opportunity together during the summertime. Each summer Youth are invited to sign up and commit to a week of mission and ministry. This summer we are serving during “Love My Neighbor” week July 12-16 in Charlottesville and Stanardsville.

Acolyte Ministry

The mission of the Aldersgate Acolyte Ministry is to develop disciples of Jesus Christ who will also serve as leaders in Christ’s Church. This ministry is a youth run and an adult supported ministry. This ministry offers the opportunity for the children and youth of Aldersgate to find areas to serve in worship, and continue to explore their faith. This a “Leadership Ministry” designed to help our youth through the 12th grade, grow as leaders while learning to communicate and work with each other during worship and training events and to ultimately be a representative for Christ as they grow to become leaders in their church, their family, their school and their community.

Boy Scout Troop 119

Boy Scout Troop 119 meets each week at Aldersgate. The AUMC Men’s Group is the Troop 119 charter organization. Troop 119 is in the Monticello District of the Stonewall Jackson Area Council which serves over 7,000 Scouts and Scouters in thirteen counties and seven cities in Virginia and West Virginia.

For more information, please contact Jeff Hood at JMH2Q@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu

Pathway for Discipleship

The Pathway for Discipleship (Birth – Graduation) is a tool that helps the church partner with parents for intentional, spiritual parenting.   For more information, contact Pastor Julie. 

  • Changes and Choices (Middle School Years): During these times a primary emphasis of Youth Ministry is helping Youth find Identity as a child of God, Belonging in Christian community and develop a deep trusting in step with God.  One way to practice these faith steps along the way is to participate in Faith Quest, a 6 Session class where students go deeper with pastoral leadership and have the opportunity for baptism or to ‘confirm’ their Christian faith.
  • The Launch (High School Years):  During these years Youth Ministry has a primary emphasis on equipping teenagers for life-long faith before graduation.  “Blessing of Driver’s License” (10/11th grade) includes prayer for the new driver and his/her family as new independence and trust forms.  Senior Breakfast: Blessing at Graduation (12th grade) in worship – A time to acknowledge and celebrate the passage into adulthood.  A time to ask God’s blessing upon the next steps in the young person’s life, as they continue seeking independence